What is BiomedRx?

BiomedRx Inc. is a healthcare technology solutions company. Since 1996 BiomedRx has been serving healthcare providers and medical equipment manufacturers in the US and over 30 countries abroad. Our services included biomedical equipment maintenance and education in healthcare technology management. We have provided medical asset management services to hospitals and other healthcare providers, as well as an outsourced field service solution for medical device manufacturers.

Today BiomedRx also provides high-quality dietary supplements and alternative healthcare services. The BiomedRx Health Center offers hi-tech holistic healthcare solutions such as neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback), cranial electrotherapy stimulation, and biomagnetic pair therapy. We offer a complete line of dietary supplements for every age, gender, and lifestyle. We also carry sports and fitness products.

Our media productions on BiomedRx TV and BiomedRx Radio keep you up to date with the latest developments in the BiomedRx sphere.

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Who do we serve?

  • 1 The public by providing quality health products, alternative healthcare services, biomedical devices, and dietary supplements.
  • 2 Healthcare providers by providing medical equipment maintenance and training services.
  • 3 Medical device manufacturers by offering an outsourced field service solution in honor of manufacturers' warranty and service contract agreements.
  • 4 The United States Government as a Veteran-owned, minority-owned business involved in healthcare technology management and biomedical equipment maintenance.
  • 5 Independent Service Organizations that provide engineering and maintenance services on medical, medical imaging, and scientific laboratory equipment through our International Service Network.
  • 6 Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Technicians and Medical Device Field Service Representatives who are interested in independent work opportunities or seeking to establish an Independent Service Organization.

Our Products and Services

BiomedRx Supplements - High-quality vitamins, minerals, detoxifying agents and biomedical devices

BiomedRx Supplements

BiomedRx Supplements are made of the highest quality all-natural vegetarian ingredients. We have supplements to fit every age, gender, and lifestyle.

BiomedRx Medical Equipment Maintenance

Medical Equipment Maintenance

BiomedRx service representatives perform engineering services on medical, medical imaging, and scientific laboratory equipment.

BiomedRx CBD - Hemp CBD Oil products for humans and pets

BiomedRx CBD

BiomedRx provides the highest-quality Hemp CBD oil products available, for humans and pets.

BiomedRx - Specialists in Isolated Power Systems and Line Isolation Monitors

Isolated Power Systems

BiomedRx provides the annual inspection and re-certification of isolated power systems, and the documentation required by NFPA-99, JCAHO, and other regulatory requirements.

Devin Lockett and Dick Gregory at the BiomedRx Health Center

BiomedRx Health Center

The BiomedRx Health Center provides Neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) and Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.

Devin Lockett teaching BMETs at the BiomedRx Institute

BiomedRx Institute

The BiomedRx Institute provides education in the maintenance of biomedical, medical imaging, and scientific laboratory equipment.

BiomedRx TV - Healthcare Technology Television

BiomedRx TV

BiomedRxTV – Healthcare Technology Television. Programming focused on hi-tech holistic health and healthcare technology management.

BiomedRx Radio - Hi-tech holistic healthcare solutions

BiomedRx Radio

BiomedRx radio airs every Sunday on KTIE AM 590 in the Inland Empire, Southern California. The focus of our show is hi-tech holistic healthcare solutions and healthcare technology.

BiomedRx Fitness - Exercise videos, gear, and nutrition for fitness enthusiasts.

BiomedRx Fitness

BiomedRx Fitness offers fitness videos, exercise routines, fitness gear, dietary recommendations, nutrition advice, and performance-enhancing supplements for the active fitness enthusiast.

BiomedRx Sport - Peak Performance for Athletes

BiomedRx Sport

BiomedRx Sport – Advocates for professional and semi-professional athletics. Peak Performance training, supplements, techniques, and gear for the serious athlete.

BiomedRx International Medical Equipment Service Network

International Service Network

The BiomedRx Service Network is a consortium of Independent Service Organizations that provide maintenance support for biomedical, medical imaging, and scientific laboratory equipment. We provide an outsourced field service solution for medical device manufacturers.

Aloha Biomedical - Medical Equipment Maintenance and Field Service in Hawaii

BiomedRx in Hawaii

BiomedRx does extensive work in Hawaii through it’s subsidiary, Aloha Biomedical. We offer lifecycle asset management services to hospitals, and an outsourced field service solution to medical equipment manufacturers.

BiomedRx Technology - Innovative biomedical and consumer electronics

BiomedRx Technology

BiomedRx is expanding into the conceptualization, design, and development of innovative biomedical and consumer electronic devices.